What is included in the membership?

What is included in the membership?

  • The Atlasbalans M1 enables you to reach deeper and get better results.
  • With the Atlasbalans/Swedish Fascia Vibes membership you will get continuous training, get to know new colleagues to share insights with and you will get frequent updates regarding new research.
  • On top of that we will help you get started with our step-by-step guide
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Get more out of your treatment

A unique treatment machine letting you reach deeper, get better results and improve your work as a therapist.

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Continuous training

Improve your skills in Fascia treatment by getting access to our online Academy and international network of therapists & researchers where knowledge is shared in exclusive user forums.

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Be part of something bigger

Benefit from being part of a platform under constant development and get access to best practice training in both treatment and business development.

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Price and financing options

Atlasbalans M1

… including 36 month access to Atlabalans Digital Platform:

  • Atlasbalans M1: Treatment machine Atlasbalans M1 incl. associated battery, case, belt, extra cable and 3 tips.
  • Atlasbalans Membership: Access to digital academy for continuous training in treatment, fascia, marketing, sales and customer care, user groups on Facebook, international networks and the opportunity to attend educational courses at a favorable price
  • Warranty: Atlasbalans M1 includes a 12 month warranty covering malfunctions of the products hardware or software. If a malfunction occurs the product is to be sent to Atlasbalans in Sweden for reparation and sent back within 14 business days excluding shipping. The customer pays for shipping in one direction

Prices and sales terms:

Option 1

  • One time fee in Cash 8000 Euro excl. VAT
  • Express service agreement (optional): 50 Euro/month excl. VAT

Option 2

  • Split the payment in four installments of 2100 Euro excl. VAT
  • Express service agreement (optional): 50 Euro/month excl. VAT

Payment terms:

Billing occurs on delivery. Installments are billed via the charge card registered when signing the agreement.


Delivery time depends on your country. Schedule a consultation for detailed information

Atlasbalans Express Service Agreement (50 Euro/month)

If a malfunction occurs, the machine is sent to Atlasbalans and a replacement machine is sent to the user within 1-2 days after Atlasbalans has received the old machine.

The price for the Express Service Agreement is 50 Euro per month excl. VAT and the agreement period is twelve (12) months. The service agreement is automatically renewed three (3) months prior to expiration if not terminated.

Affordable, powerful and innovative – a machine that continuously develops you as a therapist

Price is kept low to make it affordable even for therapists not working full time

If you look at machines using similar technology or getting similar results, they are all priced three times higher than the Atlasbalans M1. With the success in recent years in mind, with recent studies on the treatment effect and the M1 soon to be classified as a medical device – the price should be four times what it is today.

But that would go against our vision, as we want to help therapists and therefore keep our products affordable.

Therapists using this machine can from day 1 increase the price per treatment with around 20 euros or reduce their treatment time with 40 % – and have more satisfied customers as a result.

On top of that, we will teach you exactly how to do it.

Simple to use – but more advanced than you think

The Atlasbalans M1 is a sophisticated and advanced machine, using frequencies matching the frequencies of the body (0,5hz-30hz). It is simple to make a machine with vibrations from 30-60hz, but it is extremely difficult to get the lower frequencies like, 5hz-10hz. The result is a machine that works with harmonic mechanical pulsations, like if you where treating with your hands, only much faster.

These pulsating vibrations are optimized to stimulate the nerve endings (forcing the pacini & ruffini receptors to “shut down”) and to spread widely and deeply with the help of the fascia structure. By doing this the treatment is relaxing and gentle – while still being effective. By using the frequencies of the body it stimulates the regeneration process, increases micro circulation and increases the flow of fluids in the body.

Constantly developing new fascia treatment methods

The Atlasbalans M1 is optimized for fascia treatment, and there are new groundbreaking insights in fascia research almost every year. Scientists are still trying to get the full grasp of what this could mean.

One of the recent discussions has been that increased fluid flow can possibly restructure the body from within, as suggested by Stecco (2018) and Swartz (2018).

Another fascinating aspect is that finger nails are growing quicker on the hand the therapist uses to hold the machine, which could be an indication that the vibrations stimulates the body’s regeneration processes.

On top of that we have had breakthroughs 2017-2018 in treatment of Frozen Shoulder, tennis elbow, cellulits, skin problems and helping elderly people increase movement. It is amazing what happens when hundreds of therapists are working with the same machines, in different ways and discussing the results.

We are following the development first hand and are of course sharing the latest insights and methods to our Atlasbalans members.

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Start working more efficiently, reach deeper and get better results

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