Why should I use a machine?

Why should I use a machine?

#1 Do what you do today, but reach deeper and get better result – in a shorter time

For most therapists, your hands are the core of your professionalism. That is why our goal has been to develop an extended hand, a machine which is so simple to use that you barely need instructions. The better you are with your hands, the better you will be with the machine. You will be able to do exactly what you do today, but with more power and effect, to reach deeper and get better results – in shorter time.

#2 Educate yourself in treating Fascia with the machine – and do things you never thought you could do

The latest research about Fascia opens up a totally new perspective of how we look at the human body. Realizing that everything in the body is interconnected through a network of connective tissue, that this structure is constantly degenerating to absorb and distribute pressure and that the fluid flow actually changes the collagen structure in the extra cellular matrix (Fascia structure), opens up for a totally new way of treating the body. We continuously develop new treatment methods and discover new ways to treat all kinds of conditions.

#3 You are as good in the afternoon as you were in the morning – and you are not as exhausted when you come home

Most therapists have an ability to push themselves to the limit to help clients. Often this behavior results in worn out therapists and in some may even have to quit. Many treatments a day, several days a week is tough – both physically and mentally. With the treatment machine it will get easier, you will not wear out your body the same way, you will get more energy and you are equally good in the morning as in the afternoon. And mentally, you will get help from our academy, our network of science & therapists and new colleagues in our user forum.

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