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Jacqueline Coster asked 2 years ago

Dear team of Atlasbalans,
I found your company via google. We are very interested to learn more.
We are living in The Netherlands. We work on humans and horses. That sounds strange but is related to
I am a human certified sportmassagetherapist (NGS-therapist). I also studied the book Anatomy Trains in detail as I am highly interested in everything related to myfascia and hypermobility. I was following a therapistcourse from Stecco, but it was postponed due to corona. I also study a new course to give good muscletreatment to horses, as I want to combine human&horse therapy.
We also work a lot with horses in the horsecare business of my husband. In this business we work with 4 vets and 2 manual therapist (2 vets are also certified osteopaths for horses).
Of course I found your site as we are looking for ways to add myofasciawork in a professional way, so we are very interested in more details regarding your products M1 and M2 and any possible quidance making all efforts work in an outstanding way and achieving results.
Your product probably fits in our total business, very well. Please send me more information, possible courses and prices ect, to find the best way for our team and combination of skills to proceed?
Kind regards,
Jacqueline Coster