Effective Treatment for Healthy & Sustainable Horses

  • The purpose of Fascia Horse is to help horses feel better and provide knowledge about the horse’s well-being in a simple way
  • The effective treatment methodology is based on science and proven experience
  • The treatment increases the horse’s mobility & performance while reducing the risk of injury
  • With an established network within the international equestrian elite, Fascia Horse is ready for expansion
  • The combination of effective treatment, ongoing training and measurable results makes the concept scalable and enables adaptation for both amateurs and elites
  • Already in the spring of 2020, everything was ready for international expansion. Now, one pandemic later, it is time to launch the concept again and we are looking for you who want to join
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Effective treatment results in durable horses that perform better

  • The treatment increases mobility, relaxation & performance and reduces the risk of injuries. Used both preventively (prehab) and during rehabilitation.
  • With 400 to 1200 harmonic pulsations per minute, the machine sets off wave movements that spread widely and deeply – which, among other things, increases fluid, flow & circulation.
  • Today, over 10,000 horses are treated with our patented Swedish treatment machine.
  • The machine is regularly used by the elite in jumping, dressage & trotting with fantastic results.

”We have benefited greatly from the machine” – Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Elite rider

Background and growth

  • 2013-2020 the business idea was to sell machines and training to professional horse therapists. The business had a turnover of approx. SEK 30 million.
  • Today, over 400 therapists in 9 countries use the machine and the Fascia Horse treatment method is established as well as covered by many insurance companies.
  • The treatment devices have won international design awards and are validated through scientific studies (2014).
  • In 2019, Atlasbalans Equestrian Inc. was started and the German market was scrutinized for an international launch in 2020.
  • When the pandemic closed the doors for the world, Fascia Horse’s expansion was temporarily put on hold.
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Strategy & Benefits

  • Prepared for national and international expansion with an established strong network within the international equestrian elite.
  • Carried out mapping the German market and started a company in the USA.
  • Blue Ocean: Fascia (new approach to problems) & manual therapists (nische that few have focused on).
  • Business automation and systemized processes build strong customer engagement & increase demand.
  • Market-leading partners ensure optimal conditions for a rapid, scalable expansion.
  • Unique treatment tools, digital education and a proven treatment process ensure quality.
  • Best practice makes operations more efficient and the economy of scale increases as the concept grows.
  • A strong anchoring in the world of anatomical research provides scientific support for our treatment methodology.

Strong grounding in new research

  • Research in recent years shows that fascia, the network of connective tissue that surrounds everything in the body, has a much greater significance for health, aches and pains that we previously thought.
  • The fascia accounts for more than a third of the musculoskeletal system and is central to both shock absorption and recovery.
  • Fascia Horse is part of Fascia Innovation, world-leading in fascia and fascia treatment
  • A strong anchoring in the world of anatomical research provides scientific support for the treatment methodology.
  • ”Good treatment to increase mobility and relaxation.” – Dr. Vibeke Elbrønd, Veterinär UCPH
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”Good treatment to increase mobility and relaxation.” – Dr. Vibeke Elbrønd, Veterinär UCPH

Products and services

  • Fascia Horse Diagnosis: For those who want a thorough review of your horse’s health status.
  • Fascia Horse Treatment: For those who want preventive and rehabilitative treatment for your horse.
  • Fascia Horse Membership: For those who want ongoing treatment of your horse and further training in how you can help your horse feel better.
  • Fascia Horse Treatment device: For professional therapists who want to reach deeper and get better result in less time.
  • Fascia Horse Academy: Education of certified Equine Fascia Specialist, workshops and digital courses in sustainable horse husbandry.

The Fascia Horse Team

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    Hans Bohlin, CEO


    Innovator & founder who has developed products and treatment methodology.

    Creative & inspiring visionary with excellence in business development, networking and environmental monitoring.

  • null

    Camilla Ranje Nordin


    Pet agronomist, teacher of fascia knowledge & fascia treatment for horses.

    Read and mapped > 5000 research articles.

  • null

    Jenny Karlsson


    Training manager, certified Equine Fascia Specialist and Customer success manager at Fascia Horse.

  • null

    Jennifer Nyman


    Marketing & communication, and e-commerce expert. Experience of expansion in the horse industry.

  • null

    Axel Bohlin


    CEO of Fascia Innovation, founder and expert in business automation & digital marketing.
    Excellence in going from idea to reality.

  • null

    Ivar Bohlin


    CEO Fasciaklinikerna. Excellence in sales & customer success at Fascia Horse. Ability to make the difficult easy.

  • null

    Charlotta Bohlin


    Senior advisor in HR, business administration, law & business development.

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Business Model

  • Fascia Horse Clinics in selected locations serve as treatment centers as well as hubs for a pool of certified Equine Fascia Specialists.
  • Services are performed in a clinic and/or via a therapist who goes out to stables. At the clinic, there is constant development of treatment processes, measurements and analysis.
  • Central platform for marketing, sales, appointed bookings, education for staff as well as customers, and support.
  • Centralized sales of machines & training of professional therapists with demonstrations and workshops at the clinics.
  • Potential to develop into a complete solution including veterinarian, farrier, trainer and boarding.

Business Potential

Fascia Horse Clinics – for larger stables & elite

  • Measurable treatment results in combination with ongoing training create long-term customer relationships.
  • Pool of certified therapists provides a high degree of flexibility & adaptation according to customer’s needs.
  • Clinic concepts with a clear catchment area and standardized processes, provide increased scalability both nationally and internationally.

Fascia Horse machines & training/education for therapists

  • Online sales of machine & training increase market as well as labor supply for future clinic employees.
  • Effective & proven semi-automated sales channel enables direct sales in both Sweden and the EU (mainly Germany Benelux) and the USA.

Intervju från 2017 med Janus Marquis, fysioterapeut för amerikanska landslaget i hästhoppning

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Crew treatment – added value for the horse and rider

  • Regular treatment of horses and riders with ongoing training, tracking and analysis
  • Horses become flexible, softer, easier to train, get less injuries and achieve better performance
  • Healthier horses lead to lower veterinary costs
  • The riders mobility increases, stress the horse less, gets easier to train and give less injuries
  • With Fascia Horse measurement tools, balance & posture can be measured before and after the treatment on both horse and rider.
  • Measurability allows optimization of training
  • Performance increases for both rider and horse

Help us develop Fascia Horse!

  • Do you want to help build Fascia Horse in Sweden and internationally?
  • We will need help on all fronts and are currently looking for you who are passionate about helping horses feel better.
  • The application is open to anyone interested in joining us – regardless of whether it’s about treating horses, investing in the company, sitting on the management team or wanting to share tips and your network.
  • Fill in the form below and tell us briefly about yourself, why you are interested and how you can contribute.

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