Runs faster, jumps higher & feels better

  • Swedish Fascia Vibes is an effective & gentle treatment of the whole body
  • Increases relaxation, circulation and fluid flow
  • Thousands of horses are treated every month including elite performers in trotting as well as show jumping

Great results with Fascia treatment of horses using Swedish Fascia Vibes

In the spring of 2018, about 10,000 horses were treated every month with Swedish Fascia Vibes and the results are absolutely incredible. Trotting horses run faster and win more races, show jumpers jumps higher and stay in better shape.

”Very impressed of how good the results are in just a short time” – Janus Marquis, Physiotherapist American Show Jumping team

Why does the treatment work so well?

  • New research shows that fascia has a larger impact on health and well-being than previously known
  • Fascia is a network of connective tissue, with no beginning and no end, which encapsulated all parts of the body, from muscles and skeleton, to organs and cells.
  • Fascia is responsible for more than one third of the locomotor system and is vital for both shock absorption as well as recovery and cell regeneration
  • Through Fascia treatment tensions in different areas can be reached simultaneously, the body starts functioning better and the self healing capacity is stimulated.

Swedish Fascia Vibes – optimized Fascia Treatment

  • Based on the latest anatomical research, Swedish Fascia Vibes is optimized for advanced and powerful fascia treatment.
  • By using a machine that generates 1200 harmonic pulsations per minute, waves are created which spread through the fascia like rings on water so large areas can be treated quickly, both deep and wide.
  • The treatment increases mobility and relaxation, eases pain and tension, improves circulation and increases fluid flow, helping the body to heal itself

Horses are under constant pressure affecting their health and well-being

  • In all honesty, horses are not “made” for jumping, riding and trotting – no matter how fun it is for everyone involved (including the horses themselves.)
  • But few know exactly how much pressure we constantly put on our horses.
  • One example of this is when a show jumper jumps over a 160 cm bar, landing on one hoof. The force of that landing is 4 metric tons – a massive pressure to put on one hoof.
  • But luckily the horse has an incredible network of connective tissue, fascia, distributing that force to different parts of the body.
  • However, if there are distortions in the locomotor system,like tensions in the lower back, an unbalanced or a a misfitting saddle – the pressure quickly magnifies.
  • A mobile, flexible and relaxed fascia is crucial for the horse’s functionality – no wonder that more and more horses are getting regular fascia treatment,

Swedish Fascia Vibes is currently used regularly by elite stables in trotting and by many professional show jumpers; including the US national team

Based on the latest anatomical research and validated by the University of Copenhagen

100s of professional horse therapists in EU & the US treating roughly 15 000 horses per month. The horses run faster, jump higher and feel better

“Good treatment to increase mobility and relaxation.” Vibeke Elbrønd, UCPH veterinarian