Fascia treatment of horses with amazing results

  • In the spring of 2018 approximately 10 000 horses in Sweden are treated with the machine every month with great results.
  • Trotting horses run faster and win more races, show jumpers jump higher – and it is fascinating how much the animals have taught us about treatment in general.
  • As the placebo effect doesn’t apply to horses it helps us validate the findings and improve our techniques.
  • One thing we noticed was that treatment was much more effective, and much more gentle, when treating pain indirectly, applying the machine on the areas around the pain.
  • Another insight was the many positive side effects of increasing mobility and relaxation. Suddenly all kinds of problems disappeared, the veterinary costs went down and the performance of the horses increased.
  • One example is when Swedish show jumping professional Rolf Göran Bengtsson had his horses treated regularly during the 2016 season – and surprised everyone by winning the Global Champions Tour
  • On top of that, his Champion Horse, Casall Ask, had one of his best seasons ever winning the “Horse of the year” award, despite his old age (17 years old).

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