A COMPLETELY new way of treating horses

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are as a therapists – the latest Fascia research provides a completely new perspective on the body.

So, the better you are at changing your way of thinking, the better results you will get from fascia treatment. Here are three insights that might help you with this.

1. The body is interconnected, interactive and efficient.

EVERYTHING in the body is connected, and everything affects everything. There are no parts of the body operating in a void, all by themselves – it is all interconnected and interactive. Also, the body is always looking for efficiency, for the solution that has the lowest energy cost.

Now, try testing this idea to the limit. If everything is interconnected, where does the body begin and end? If everything is interconnected, can you treat ONE muscle?

2. One of the main functions of the body is to load and unload pressure

When you are getting hit, or when you fall, the energy created by that movement has to go somewhere – that is physics. We have noticed that a lot of chronic issues can be derived from pressure that the body has been absorbing but have been unable to get rid of. By releasing that pressure during treatment we have dramatically improved treatment results.

3. The fluid flow of the extracellular matrix changes the collagen structure

One of the main components of the Fascia is collagen, and these threads of collagen are constantly restructuring to load and unload pressure and deal with forces of gravity. New research shows that this remodeling of the ECM is stimulated by the fluid flow – and that an increase or decrease in flow rebuilds the body from inside.

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