Swedish award winning innovation will help riders to become straighter in the saddle

Falsterbo Horse Show 2015

For elite riders it is important to sit comfortably in the saddle, to be soft and pliable to know both the horse and the horse’s movement. But the strain on the body is great. Founders Team Championship winner Louise Haaga from Skästa gård underwent Fascia wave treatment regularly during the spring with award-winning treatment machine Atlasbalans M1.

“I could be more upright, could have a better posture, without having to think about it. I could be more responsive when the horse is in the air, says Louise in a interview. ”

Fascia wave treatment is a relatively new form of treatment, which by mechanical pulsation mainly treats connective tissue. The treatment is gentle and vibrations or deep waves as they are called, spread through the connective tissue both broad and deep, which loosens the locks and muscle tension.

“If you train a lot as the riders do muscles can become short, especially on the outside of the thigh. Hip problems and strained posture are also common. “Says Hans Bohlin, CEO and majority owner of Atlasbalans who developed the machine M1.

“The treatment is a good way to release the locks around the hip bend, but particularly at aiming to increase mobility throughout the body, which leads to better posture and, as Louise describes it, better body control.”

Other riders who tried Fascia wave treatment include Rolf Göran Bengtsson, who during the spring of 2014 overcame his groin problem after three treatments. RGB subsequently took part in an interview available here and has since then been in regular contact with Hans.

Interest in the treatment has grown tremendously last year, and recently two research papers were published, one about connective tissue and one about the machine’s performance. More information on this is available here. Hans concludes:

“Now we have helped one of the world’s best riders to become healthy, invented the revolutionary treatment machine and published research papers. We are now in full swing to making people aware that there is a whole new way of looking at aches and pain”, says Hans.

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