What is the return on your investment?

What is the return on your investment?

When asking yourself if you can afford the machine there are some other questions you might want to ask yourself first. Does this mean that you can increase your price per treatment? Or reduce treatment time? Will this increase customer satisfaction and how much is that worth? What will this do to your brand?

In other words, what is the return of my investment. At first glance, this could feel like a huge investment. But as an investment, this machine is not only very affordable, it is an investment with a very high return. How can we say that? Because we have helped hundreds of therapists taking that step, investing in themselves and their businesses.

Let’s talk about capitalizing on your investment.

From an economic perspective an investment is something more than cost. From an investment, you expect a return. Read more below about how you make increase the value of your investment – not only for treatment tools.

Often you make the mistake of counting on the increased costs, without accounting for the increased revenue. No wonder that it does not add up.

Expected income & alternative cost

To calculate the value of your investment it is smart to start with expected income, but not forget the alternative cost for not having a machine.

Calculate with these 3 factors when estimating your expected income:

  • Price of treatment
  • Time of treatment
  • Client satisfaction

The Price of treatment with the machine is in most cases higher than for similar treatments. We recommend a price app. 85-120 EUR/hour for treating people, and 100-150 EUR/hour for horses. Reasonable price reflecting the result you will achieve.

The treatment time is possible to reduce since the effect is stronger (10-30 min on people, and 20 min for a horse), or you are able to treat the extensive body, instead of limited areas – premium services. In total – you will be able to have more treatments a week.

Client satisfaction is vital for your business. Good results spread the word, and your existing clients will be the most valuable assets to promote new clients to book new treatments. Besides, use our tips in the available business education, and transform 1 satisfied client to 5 more.

Alternative cost is either missed income for not having the machine, as well as other circumstances as working environment, tearing out your body and hands, the improved result and the satisfaction with being part of other people’s knowledge in treatment methods.

The machine is an investment that you easily can count home

Let’s count on it!

Start-up fee for the machine is 1500 EUR and the membership is approx. 200 EUR/month depending on whether you are VAT registered (2019-07-18).

How can we make a return on that investment?

The first example

Let us calculate with the fact that you will be able to treat 3-4 more people/horses each month, using some of our tips and ideas. If you decide the price to be 100 EUR, you need 2 treatments more a month to cover the fee and only 7-8 months to cover your start-up fee.

The second example

Let’s say you have approx. 100 clients in your register and you invest in a machine that will both shorten the time and give more effect on the treatment.

Is it possible that you may charge your best clients 15-20 EUR more for a treatment? Can you ask them to test the first time for the same price, but the next they will pay 10 more, and then 20 more?

One of our clients changed price strategy, she lost some clients, but the loss of income was covered by the income from the other clients, and, she had time to take on new clients or take time off.

The third example

What would you do with your spare time? If you reduce the treatment time with 15 min./treatment and you have 4 treatments a day, you will have an extra hour each day! Would you do marketing activities, client service, or just more treatments to gain more income! Take part of ut online education and get tips about how you improve your business.

The fourth example – alternative cost.

What does it cost you to not have a machine? The income you miss with not working with Fascia treatment.

One way of counting is to multiply the price you can take for treatment with the machine and see the difference from today. Or the new clients you will miss while not working with the latest technology and the well-being of the future.


  • A low fee each month
  • Three potential strategies for increasing your revenue (higher price, more time or more clients)
  • Less costly than the alternative cost, such as worse working environment, lower revenue, less income, less efficiency, higher risk for injuries)

We hope that you have got a wider perspective on your economy, your business and your revenue by reading this!

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